Carmine Giangregorio

Full-stack Software Engineer / Co-Founder of Cleafy

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About me

I am a full-stack software engineer.
I’m one of the founding partners of Cleafy, a software company that develops a platform for enterprise web and mobile security, threat intelligence and pro-active endpoint protection.
I live in Milan, Italy.

Read more about my professional experience on LinkedIn.

Software Engineering

I'm currently interested in large scalable software architectures, enterprise software, machine learning, big data and computer security.
I have worked with several technologies and languages, ranging from Java, C# VB.Net, PHP, Javascript, to Bash, Python, Lua, HTML, CSS.
I like to learn new languages, and I love to try new methodologies and frameworks. ​

Operations & Architectures

I'm used to design, deploy and manage large multi-node architectures, both on-premise and on cloud providers.
I'm familiar with database design, ORM systems, no-SQL data stores like ElasticSearch and Redis. I'm comfortable with Linux server management and with Docker and some orchestrators (Cattle, Docker-Compose), Vagrant and other development tools as well.


I enjoy photography, and I’m interested in many different genres and compositions, ranging from landscapes, portraits, still life, macro, etc.
You can see some of my works on 500px and Instagram. ​


I love listening, playing and composing music.
I play the electric guitar and (a bit of) the keyboard. ​


I started archery when I was a child, in 2004, then stopped for several years and recently restarted competitive archery with Compagnia Arcieri Monica in Gallarate (VA). ​